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Carol-Ann Triptik 100 Watt Amp Head EL34 (USED)

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  • Carol-Ann Triptik 100 Watt Amp Head EL34 (USED)
  • Carol-Ann Triptik 100 Watt Amp Head EL34 (USED)
  • Carol-Ann Triptik 100 Watt Amp Head EL34 (USED)
  • Carol-Ann Triptik 100 Watt Amp Head EL34 (USED)
  • Carol-Ann Triptik 100 Watt Amp Head EL34 (USED)


Up for sale is another classic amp from Carol-Ann, capable of producing classic rock tones to modern high gain. This amp can do it all!

This amp is used and was kept well. Includes the original footswitch. See pics for full cosmetic details.

Serialized 121031




This 3- Channel Amplifier is our idea for a true rock amp that is capable of reproducing both timeless classic rock tones to modern high gain tones with a super tight and crushing low end. The design of this amplifier is a true ground up design and has not been inspired by any other amplifier out there. It is an original back to the drawing board design. 

The unique gain structure doesn't use high numbers of cascading gain stages compressing the life out of your tone, nor does it use any type of solid state clipping. The OD from this amp is generated by running each gain to their absolute extreme, just keeping them this side of instability. Like a fine tuned racing engine. This helps preserve the dynamic range, keeps noise to a minimum and emphasizes the harmonic overtones of each note without ever sounding bright or harsh. 

The Clean Channel on this amp has been designed to redefine what is capable with EL34 power tubes. It has a shimmer that is never heard with this tube type and has incredible headroom.By pushing the pre-gain control a little , it is possible to get some slightly broken clean tones too from this channel. It also takes Overdrive pedals extremely well.

The amp features two identical overdrive channels that both have a switch that sets the particular channel to either 'Classic' or 'Modern' voicings. The 'classic' voicing has a little less gain and low end and will produce 70's and 80's British rock tones with a very wide and complex sound stage with no buzz or brittle high frequencies. The 'Modern' setting has more gain and low end for those more modern heavy rhythm, dropped tunings. This channel also makes for a superb liquid lead channel with incredible sustain and harmonic bloom.

The tones controls on all channels are very effective and the center points of each one perfect for the exact frequency bands that will push the amp through any mix. 

Basically, the concept was for me to produce an amp that would reproduce my favorite modded rock amp tones as well as up to date modern higher gain tones without mush and noise. 

As with all our amplifiers, the Triptik is built entirely by hand and features a non-PCB main audio board, and hard wired chassis mounted controls and tube sockets.


100W EL34 Output Tubes

Input Level: This sets the overall input gain for the amp. This affects both channels.

CH A Bass, Middle & Treble: Clean Channel Tone Controls.

CH B & C Bass, Middle & Treble: OD Channels Tone Controls.

Gain B: Overdrive channel B gain control.

Gain C: Overdrive channel B gain control.

Classic / Modern Switches: One on each overdrive channel, sets the voicing of the corresponding Overdrive Channel.

CH A Master: Master Volume for Clean Channel.

CH B Master: Master Volume for OD Channel.

CH C Master: Master Volume for OD Channel.

Lead Master: Footswitchable Lead Master Volume for OD Channels.

Presence: Global Presence Control.

Footswitch Socket: Heavy duty 5 pin XLR connector for footswitch.

Footswitch: Clean/OD, B/C and Lead Master with LEDs.

EFX Loop: A full tube buffered Serial Effects Loop is included as standard

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Warranty Information

We offer a 45 day no questions asked return policy on all new and used gear. Applicable new units are also always sold with the full manufacturers warranty. Extended warranties offered upon request.
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