Instrument Lessons

Manchester Music Mill offers private lessons for Guitar, Bass, Drums, Saxophone, Clarinet, Flute, Trumpet, Trombone, Piano, and Voice. We work with qualified music teachers that have the skill, patience and attitude to teach students of all ages and abilities. Our lessons coordinator will match the student up with an instructor that is the best fit, not only for your schedule, but for what the student is looking to get out of lessons. We welcome students of all levels and ages, from beginner to advanced.

Rates for lessons range from $20-$25/half hour lesson. No registration fee, no contracts. All lessons are given privately once a week at a specified day and time at the Manchester Music Mill store location at 329 Elm Street in Manchester. Group lessons of two or more are also offered in our ensemble room and rates are established by the individual teacher.

Barbara Sloboda - Guitar, Voice, Piano
Nate Comp - Guitar, Bass
Jeff Gottwald - Guitar, Bass
John Maggio - Guitar
Wolfgang Shutzinger (Lessons Coordinator)- Guitar/Bass & Music Composition
Scott Kinnison - Drums/Mallet Percusion/Hand Drums
Joe Rizzo - Drum Set/Percussion
Richard Gardzina - Brass & Woodwinds
Terry Barton - Piano

For more information or to set up lessons please contact Wolfgang at 603-606-4447 or email us at for more information.