Martin Custom Shop 35 Dreadnought Give Away


We’re giving away a Martin Custom Shop 35-Style Dreadnought with Wildgrain Rosewood! You can enter Nov 16th-Dec 22nd, and we’ll announce the winner on Dec 23rd!

To enter, do one of the following:

1) Try any new Martin guitar at the store for a single entry!

2) Buy any amount of Martin accessories such as strings, straps, pickups, etc in-store or at for TWO entries!

3) Buy any new Martin Guitar in-store or on our website for THREE entries!

4) Buying one of our three Manchester Music Mill Exclusive Martin models gets you FOUR entries!

A few notes: Only one qualifying demo or purchase per day will count towards the contest; whichever is worth the most entries. However, customers can enter once per day for the duration the giveaway! Returning an item disqualifies the associated entry.

Good luck!