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New Gear This Week


New Inventory : July 30th – August 5th 2018

Hello, everyone! Here is Manchester Music Mill’s list of new and used inventory that we received over the past week. We think you’ll be surprised at all the great stuff that we’ve taken in.

If you’d like to reserve anything you see or require pictures or details of a particular item that catches your fancy, please feel free to contact our Customer Service Manager, Tom Harlan, by phone (603-623-8022) or e-mail ( Trades, layaways, payment plans, financing, etc. – We’re happy to work with you!

Here are a few particular items to check out:

NEW: Taylor 524ce – “V” Class – Serial # 1106208039 – Our Price: $2,899.00

This all-mahogany cutaway Grand Auditorium enjoys a sonic upgrade with the addition of Taylor’s new “V” Class bracing. Mahogany typically delivers a focused sound with a full midrange, and a hardwood top like mahogany adds a natural compression to the response, helping to create a balanced articulation across the tonal spectrum, which benefits lively strummers. The “V” Class treatment allows those sounds to flourish with greater volume, longer sustain, and more harmonic agreement between notes, which helps chords sing in a whole new way. A shaded edgeburst around the body and neck adds a vintage treatment to the dark, rich-grained mahogany, and the top has been left pickguard-free to preserve the wood’s “rootsy” character. Understated appointments include grained ivoroid Century fretboard inlays with a new peghead inlay, faux tortoise shell binding, and a faux tortoise / ivoroid rosette. This guitar comes equipped with Taylor’s proprietary ES-2 electronics, and ships in a deluxe hardshell case.

NEW: Fender Telecaster Thinline Super Deluxe RW – Orange – Serial # US18040106 – Our Price: $1,999.99

Step out on stage in style with the elegantly double-bound Tele Thinline Super Deluxe! Part of Fender’s Parallel Universe series, Fender’s limited-edition Telecaster Thinline Super Deluxe manages to be raw and refined at the same time, thanks to a pair of rich-sounding TV Jones® Classic pickups, familiar control layout and Fender’s now-classic semi-hollow Tele design. Completing this stunning package is an orange finish and silver sparkle pickguard, This unique instrument is the perfect “mashup” of Fender and Gretsch … Come down to Manchester Music Mill today and try it out!


Category Make & Model Color Serial Our Price
Electric Guitars        
  Fender Player Telecaster PF Polar White MX18069903 $674.99
  Fender Telecaster Thinline Super Deluxe RW  Orange US18040106 $1,999.99
  Gretsch G5422G-12 2016 EMTC HLW 12-String Black KS18053577 $999.99
  Jackson JS 22Q SC  Translucent Purple Burst CWJ1813047 $299.99
  Schecter C-1 SLS Elite - ATQFB   W18060149 $1,189
  Squier Standard Stratocaster LTD  Cherry Sunburst CY180305576 $249.99
Acoustic Guitars        
  Martin Custom,SFG,0014F,Ovangkol   2186806 $3,699
  Taylor 150e - Dreadnought 12-String   2107098361 $899
  Taylor 214CE Sunburst Deluxe   2106208321 $1,279.20
  Taylor 524ce V-class   1106208039 $2,899
  Taylor A12e Academy 12e Natural 2106218245 $599
  Taylor Academy 10e   2107138115 $519.20
  Mahalo U-Smile Uke Blue   $49.96
  Mahalo Smile Series Ukulele  Green   $49.96
  Mahalo Smile Series Ukulele  Light Blue   $49.96
  Mahalo U-Smile Uke Orange   $49.96
  Mahalo Smile Series Ukulele  Pink   $49.96
  Mahalo U-Smile Uke Purple   $49.96
  Mahalo U-Smile Uke Red   $49.96
  Mahalo U-Smile Uke Trans Blue   $49.96
  Mahalo U-Smile Uke Trans Purple   $49.96
  Mahalo U-Smile Ukes Trans Red   $49.96
  Mahalo Smile Series Ukulele  White   $49.96
  Mahalo Smile Series Ukulele  Yellow   $49.96
Amps - Electric Guitar        
  Boss Katana KTN-50 Guitar Amplifier   G1J1246 $219.99
Amps - Acoustic        
  Fishman SA330 + SA Expander Pack   A108350 $1,169.90
  Fishman Loudbox Mini 60-Watt   E305918 $329.95
  Fishman Loudbox Artist 120-Watt    E193874 $574.99
  Fishman SA Sub - 300 Watts Black A104000 $499.95
  TC Electronics Polytune 3   18982868 $99.99
  Electro Harmonix 360 Nano Looper   201810107733 $91.00
  Electro Harmonix Green Russian Big Muff   201710293428 $80.60
  Electro Harmonix Micro QTron   201810135088 $89.20
  Electro Harmonix Op Amp Big Muff Pi   201810138307 $80.60
  Electro Harmonix Pitchfork White 201810094601 $158.20
  Electro Harmonix Superego Plus   201810122764 $250.00
  Electro Harmonix Tone Corset 4 knob Analog Compressor   201810094238 $89.50
  Electro Harmonix Volume Pedal   201810099079 $62.75
  Ernie Ball VPJR     $99.99
  JHS Angry Charlie V3   8601 $199.00
  JHS Emperor V2   1501 $199.00
  JHS Morning Glory V4   14035 $199.00
  JHS Unicorn V2   1701 $199.00
  Radial Big Shot ABY   856861 $99.99
  Radial J48 Direct Box   863118 $199.99
  TC Electronics Flashback Mini    14674792 $119.99
  TC Electronics MojoMojo Overdrive   21619962 $49.99
  TC Electronics Polytune 3   18982160 $99.99
  TC Electronics Quintessence Harmonizer    22760443 $149.99
  TC Electronics Spark Booster   12538669 $129.00
  TC Helicon Voicetone Harmony-G XT    219520823 $229.99

New Inventory : July 30th – August 5th 2018

USED: PRS Starla w/ Bag – Surf Green – Serial # 1352003316 – Our Price: $999.00

The Paul Reed Smith Starla is really quite different from the other instruments in its lineup. Sporting an ergonomic solid mahogany body that comes fitted with a pair of powerful Starla humbuckers along with an expressive Bigsby vibrato tailpiece that's married to a Tune-o-Matic bridge, this guitar combines a vintage look with a modern feel. The push/pull tone control and 3-way switching provides added sonic flexibility while the 25"-scale mahogany neck and rosewood fingerboard allow for incredibly smooth playability. Includes a gig bag. Come in and give this guitar a test spin before it's gone!

USED: Silvertone ‘60s H615 Acoustic Guitar – Sunburst – Serial # 2253 – Our Price: $149.00

Built by Harmony, and introduced in late 1963, the Silvertone H615 remained a popular mid-range acoustic guitar throughout its five-year lifespan; by the time it was retired it was advertised as Sears’ “most popular full size birch Flat Top". This good looking instrument is in beautiful condition and features great playability, which explains why these guitars were so popular in their time. Come down to Manchester Music Mill today to try this cool guitar out – We think you’ll be pleasantly surprised!


Category Make & Model Color Serial Our Price
Electric Guitars        
  Chapman ML2 Modern Electric w/ Bag White IRI7090754 $329.00
  Epiphone '58 Flying V Reissue w/ HSC Natural V98012305 $429.00
  Epiphone ES-335 w/ OHSC Ice Blue 13041500587 $499.00
  Epiphone SG Special Red 17081302141 $119.00
  Fender '50s Classic Player Telecaster w/ HSC Translucent Blonde MX16777293 $649.00
  Fender '72 Reissue Thinline Telecaster Natural MX13414678 $599.00
  Fender Jimmie Vaughan Stratocaster w/ Faux Tortoise Pickguard White MSN617746 $549.00
  Fender Robert Cray Inca Silver MSN611039 $649.00
  Fender SRV / Knopfler Stratocaster w/ HSC Red 961314 $999.00
  Gibson Les Paul Special w/ HSC Natural 0 1022585 $599.00
  Gibson Les Paul Traditional Plain Top 2016 Zebra LB Amberburst 160138840 $1,599.00
  Harley Benton SG Copy Cherry  ISI10526 $149.99
  Ibanez GRX20Z Black GS150400578 $99.00
  Ibanez RGD1X7MPB Greenburst I160414283 $649.00
  PRS SE Soapbar II - Maple w/ Gig Bag Greenburst G10314 $399.00
  PRS Starla w/ Bag Surf Green 1352003316 $999.00
  PRS Tremonti Black E02772 $349.00
  Schecter 006 Elite HS Redburst 0 200586 $179.99
  Sterling AX30D Cherry Burst SG18977 $379.00
Acoustic Guitars      
  Silvertone '60s H615  Sunburst 2253 $149.00
  Taylor 114ce,Walnut/Sitka   2106268366 $719.20
  Taylor 114e   2106188077 $639.20
  Taylor 214cc-K DLX   2107118523 $1,119.20
  Taylor 224-ce Koa DLX   2107118481 $1,279.20
  Taylor 314ce   1111297012 $1,599.20
  Taylor 914ce V-class   1107118045 $4,499.00
  Taylor Academy 12e   2107138093 $519.20
  Taylor Builders Ed K14ce   1102078098 $3,999.20
  Taylor GS Mini-e - Walnut   2106218149 $519.20
  CMAT Mods Analog Chorus   ISI7825 $109.00
  Guitar Gadgets Brown Sound   ISI7458 $69.00
  JHS VCR Ryan Adams Signature - Volume / Chorus / Reverb   ISI10544 $189.99