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New Gear This Week


New Inventory : January 7th – January 13th 2019

Hello, everyone! Here is Manchester Music Mill’s list of new and used inventory that we received over the past week. We think you’ll be surprised at all the great stuff that we’ve taken in.

If you’d like to reserve anything you see or require pictures or details of a particular item that catches your fancy, please feel free to contact our Customer Service Manager, Tom Harlan, by phone (603-623-8022) or e-mail ( Trades, layaways, payment plans, financing, etc. – We’re happy to work with you!

Here are a few particular items to check out:

NEW: Fender American Original ‘60s Jazzmaster – B Stock – 3-Tone Sunburst – Serial # V1748387 – Our Price: $1,799.00

Equipped with a pair of period-correct single-coil pickups, Fender’s American Original '60s Jazzmaster delivers all the sparkle and chime you expect from one of their offset guitars. Its Pure Vintage '65 pickups are wax potted, with enamel-coated coil wire, and feature flush-mounted pole pieces just like original Jazzmaster pickups, making them as close to originals as is possible. In addition, a maple neck with mid-'60s "C" profile fills your hand without feeling too chunky. Factor in vintage-tall frets for precise playability, and the Fender American Original '60s Jazzmaster offers everything a Fender offset fan could ask for. Come on in to Manchester Music Mill today and try it out!

NEW: Taylor 322e 12-Fret – Shaded Edgeburst – Serial # 1103028081 – Our Price: $2,249.00

Twelve-fret guitars have really a comeback, and it’s no surprise that Taylor is a major player in this resurgence. A Grand Concert body, short-scale neck, and an exotic tonewood pairing give Taylor’s 322e its signature playability and unique sound at a reduced size. A satin-finished mahogany top and Tasmanian blackwood body give this guitar a rich, open sound with punch, warmth, and a slow bloom that fingerstylists and delicate strummers are sure to appreciate. The 322e comes loaded with Taylor Expression System 2 electronics to capture the full detail of your playing when you're plugged in at the coffee shop or tracking in the studio. Get the sweet blend of mahogany and blackwood in a compact and travel-friendly size with the Taylor 322e acoustic-electric guitar.


Category Make & Model Color Serial Our Price
Electric Guitars        
  Epiphone Dot Cherry 18092304576 $449.00
  Epiphone Les Paul Custom PRO Lefty Ebony 18101505561 $569.00
  Epiphone Les Paul SL Ebony 18081309823 $119.00
  Epiphone Les Paul SL  Heritage Cherry Sunburst 18101302770 $99.00
  Epiphone Les Paul SL  Pacific Blue 18091303533 $99.00
  Epiphone Les Paul SL  Sunset Yellow 18081309582 $99.00
  Epiphone Les Paul SL Turquoise 18081307523 $119.00
  Epiphone ES-339 Pro Vintage Sunburst 18101501998 $469.00
  Fender American Original '60s Jazzmaster - B Stock 3-Tone Sunburst V1748387 $1,799.00
  Fender American Special HSS Stratocaster w/ Bag Black US1865671 $899.00
  Fender Classic Player Jazzmaster Special w/ Bag - B Stock Black MX17851394 $1,199.99
  Fender LTD American Special Mustang - Ash w/ Bag Natural US17068970 $1,149.99
  Fender LTD American Special Mustang w/ Bag Olympic Pearl US17062779 $1,149.99
  Fender S18 LTD 50s Telecaster Thinline JRN - S Lake Placid Blue R95959 $3,950.00
  Ibanez GRGM21MMPL Mikro Metallic Purple 2Y05GS180805368 $149.99
  Jackson SCX Cherry Burst ICJ1851037 $399.99
Bass Guitars        
  Epihpone EB-0 Bass  Cherry 180923000423 $269.00
  Fender American Pro Jazz Bass Black US1609952 $1,499.99
  Fender LTD American Pro Jazz Bass - Roasted Ash Natural US18087694 $1,649.99
  Fender Player Jazz Bass Fiesta Red MX18045438 $539.99
  Yamaha FSTABS TransAcoustic  Brown Sunburst HOX290200 $599.99
Acoustic Guitars        
  Alvarez RC26X Classical Natural S14060650 $129.00
  Alvarez ABT60X Baritone Acoustic Solid T Natural E13092819 $0.00
  Alvarez AD60X Dreadnought Natural E13080272 $179.00
  Alvarez AP100 Natural E16060241 $399.99
  Alvarez RD12 Dreadnought Natural CS11111358 $0.00
  Alvarez 2016 RD210K Natural H11031246 $139.00
  Epiphone DR100 Vintage Sunburst 15071323728 $109.00
  Epiphone Pro-1  Trans Blue 17041325893 $139.00
  Epiphone Pro-1 Acoustic Wine Red 17091323653 $139.00
  Lag T66D Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar Natural 1309WE116428 $159.00
  Martin 2018 HD-28E Tinted Natural 2201391 $3,439.00
  Martin Custom Shop 0-28 - Wildgrain Indian Rosewood Back & Sides - Thin Finish Natural   $3,749.00
  Martin DSTG Natural 2102317 $1,499.99
  Taylor 322e 12-Fret Shaded Edgeburst 1103028081 $2,249.00
  Yamaha FS800 T Small Body Guitar Tinted Natural HOX191574 $199.99
Guitar Amplifiers        
  Boss Katana Air   Z3J7856 $399.99
  Fender Super Champ x2   M1706087 $399.99
  Fishman Loudbox Mini Charge    A109094 $499.95
  Fishman Loudbox Artist 120-Watt Acoustic   E196205 $574.99
  Yamaha THR5   T669508XZ $199.99
  Boss BD-2 Blues Driver Blue C6J3737 $99.00
  Boss DD-7 Digital Delay   Z2J1115 $159.00
  Boss FV-500H Foot Volume   J3J4124 $119.99
  Boss GE-7 Equalizer   L3J8670 $119.99
  Boss NS-2   G4J3673 $99.00
  Boss SYB-5 Bass Synthesizer   C0H0529 $179.99
  Boss TU-3S Chromatic Tuner   Z4J8335 $99.99
  Earthquaker Dispatch Master V3    16492 $199.00
  Earthquaker Swiss Things   #328 $249.00
  Ibanez TS-9   1830805 $99.00
  Ibanez TS-9B Bass Tube Screamer   1820004 $119.99
  Ibanez Tube Screamer Mini     $79.99
  TC Helicon Voice Tone H1   2111807668 $149.99

Used Arrivals : January 7th – January 13th 2019

USED: Wampler Faux Tape Echo – Serial # ISI1Z316– Our Price: $149.00

Wampler’s Faux Tape Echo provides a close simulation of a vintage tape echo machine, but without the hassle of maintaining it or the big price tag. In addition, players can also disengage the “Tape Reel” function, providing a smoother, more traditional delay and use tap tempo, making this more than simply a one-trick pony. At this price, it won’t last long, so come check this wonderful pedal out at Manchester Music Mill today! Sensei 290 today.

USED: Burns of London Custom Elite Sonic w/ OHSC – Black – Serial # 0040 – Our Price: $599.00

This Burns electric guitar is a dyed-in-the-wool Blues / Rock Machine with a British flair! This superbly build guitar combines all the best features of Burns technology and innovation into one stylish package. Two Tri-Sonic pickups and a 3-way selector switch give you all the tonal effects and shadings you’ll need and the legendary “Rez-o-Tube” bridge design gives you perfect intonation. A slim, Canadian maple neck with 22-fret rosewood fingerboard insures effortless playing and the peghead design is Burns’ signature scroll shape. A Burns “Gear-o-Matik” truss rod gearbox allows micro-adjustment far in advance of other makes of guitars. With its distinctive body shape, laminated plastic pickguard and scroll peghead, the Burns Sonic Series looks different, sounds different and offers a style all its own. Come on down to Manchester Music Mill and give it a spin!


Category Make & Model Color Serial Our Price
Electric Guitars        
  Burns of London Curstom Elite Sonic w/ OHSC Black 0040 $599.00
  Fender American Stratocaster Black US13014092 $599.00
  G&L ASAT Classic w/ HSC 3-Tone Sunburst CLF58293 $899.00
  Hofner J17 Hollowbody Redburst J08280005 $429.00
  Hondo Longhorn Creamburst 1070006 $399.00
  Jay Turser Cleopatra Semi-Hollow Orange ISI12194 $249.00
  Rickenbacker 360/6 w/ HSC Fireglo 1015762 $1,899.00
Acoustic Guitars        
  Alvarez AP70 Parlor w/ Bag Natural E12103139 $239.00
Electric Guitar Amplifiers      
  Fender Clone 2x12 Cabinet   ISI2212 $199.00
  Randall RG230 Stereo Chorus   2041542A $149.00
  Pignose G40V Combo   1L8 $249.00
  Roland SOL100 Super Cube   520649 $199.00
  Vox AC15 w/ Cover   P09057035 $449.00
  Vox AC15C1   N09645015 $449.00
  Vox TB18C1 Tony Bruno 1x12 Combo   K06000817 $499.00
  Vox V1141 Super Beatle Head Black I052921 $1,099.00
  Vox V414 Super Beatle 4x12 Cab w/ Trolle Black 907807 $750.00
Bass Guitar Amplifiers      
  Hartke A70 Bass Amp   A71H0083 $169.99
  Digitech Freqout   12001545186 $119.99
  MXR "Script" Logo Dyna Comp   ISI2210 $79.00
  Wampler Faux Tape Echo   ISI1Z316 $149.00
  Wampler Slostortion   ISI9772 $169.00
  Walrus Descent Reverb   ISI12251 $199.00