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New Gear This Week


New Inventory : March 25th – 31st 2019

Hello, everyone! Here is Manchester Music Mill’s list of new and used inventory that we received over the past week. We think you’ll be surprised at all the great stuff that we’ve taken in.

If you’d like to reserve anything you see or require pictures or details of a particular item that catches your fancy, please feel free to contact our Customer Service Manager, Tom Harlan, by phone (603-623-8022) or e-mail ( Trades, layaways, payment plans, financing, etc. – We’re happy to work with you!

Here are a few particular items to check out:

NEW: Duesenberg Julia – Black –Serial # 182748 – Our Price: $2,712.00

Duesenberg guitars have a visual style all their own, recalling both Art Deco and the early days of rock and roll … All in the same package! The Julia delivers a unique look, combined with great, versatile sonics. Loaded with a King Dual-Coil humbucker in the bridge that's both coil-splittable and switchable to bypass all other electronics and run direct to the output for a more dynamic, higher impact sound, and Duesenberg’s warm, punchy Domino P90 in the neck position, the guitar provides a distinctive voice that you'll love adding to your arsenal. The tone-chambered mahogany body with maple top and stunning finish accents and inlays take the spotlight, and it's also equipped with the renowned Duesenberg Deluxe vibrato tailpiece. Worthy of any collection, you need to get your hands on this one!

NEW: Fender Sixty-Six – 3-Tone Sunburst – Serial # MX18181142 – Our Price: $899.99

Classic Fender sound meets unique visual style in Fender’s Sixty-Six, which makes a bold statement with its down-sized Jazz Bass body. The flexible HSS pickup configuration can crank out anything you ask from fat leads to funky rhythm tones. Combining vintage-inspired appointments with modern, player-oriented features, this electric guitar packed with a ton of useful, unique sounds. Made for the stage, this instrument delivers the sound and feel Fender's famous for, and then some … It’s somehow familiar, and yet something you’ve never seen before … Come check it out at Manchester Music Mill today!


Category Make & Model Color Serial Our Price
Electric Guitars        
  Duesenberg Caribou  Narvik Blue 183182 $2,640.00
  Duesenberg Gran Majesto  Cherry Red 182031 $3,040.00
  Duesenberg Julia  Black 182748 $2,712.00
  Duesenberg Starplayer TV DTV-CTB-NF   182256 $2,880.00
  Duesenberg Starplayer TV  Outlaw 183158 $3,040.00
  Duesenberg Starplayer TV  Surf Green 182426 $2,712.00
  Fender Aerodyne Classic Stratocaster FMT RW  3-Tone Sunburst JD18014707 $999.99
  Fender Aerodyne Classic Stratocaster FMT RW CRT   JD18014936 $999.99
  Fender RAR Flame Maple Top Stratocaster   LE07157 $2,499.99
  Fender Sixty-Six MN  3-Tone Sunburst MX18181142 $899.99
  Fender Sixty-Six MN DPB   MX18201869 $899.99
  Fender Sixty-Six MN  Natural MX18181144 $899.99
  Gibson ES-335 Figured Heritage Cherry 13388717 $3,699.00
  Gretsch G5420T EMTC HLW W/BIG AGR   KS18075305 $849.99
Bass Guitars        
  Fender Standard P-Bass MN BSB, B stock   MX17922423 $562.49
  Guild B-140E Bass NAT W/C Natural G1182530 $639.00
  Guild B-240E Fretless NAT W/B B-stock Natural G21807058 $399.20
  Guild Jumbo Junior Bass E  B-Stock SP/FM   G21705241 $399.00
Other Stringed Instruments        
  Kala KA-SSEM-T   ISI12953 $239.99
Acoustic Guitars        
  Alvarez Nylon Sample Gtr.   ISI12969 $99.00
  Cordoba C7 CD/IN Acoustic Nylon String  Natural 71803396 $499.00
  Guild D-240E LTD B-Stock Flame Mahogany Flame Mahogany G21706471 $359.00
  Guild D-240E LH NAT B-stock Natural G21808028 $319.20
  Guild DS-240 Memoir Slope Shoulder VSB B Vintage Sunburst G3190662 $399.20
  Guild D-260E Deluxe NAT B-stock Natural G3190020 $439.20
  Guild M-240E NAT W/B Natural G21809585 $319.00
  Guild M-240E Troubadour VSB W/B B-stock Vintage Sunburst G21809626 $319.20
  Guild F-2512E Maple BLD W/B Blonde G21810570 $399.00
  Guild D-120CE Dreadnought, Cherry B-stoc Cherry G171594 $799.00
  Guild D-1212E NAT W/C Natural G171421 $679.00
  Guild D-140 NAT W/C B-stock Natural G1158033 $719.99
  Guild D-140 SB W/C B-stock Sunburst G172051 $799.00
  Guild D-140CE NAT W/C B-stock Natural G1152680 $719.20
  Guild D-150CE B-Stock NAT W/C Natural G1181061 $879.00
  Guild D-150L NAT W/C B-stock Natural G172862 $799.99
  Guild M-120E NAT W/C Natural G1151921 $599.00
  Guild M-140E B-Stock NAT W/C Natural G1182030 $679.00
  Guild OM-140CE NAT W/C Natural G1182074 $719.20
  Guild OM-140CE SB B-Stock w/ Case Sunburst G1157312 $759.00
  Guild OM-150CE Natural w/c B-STOCK Natural G1182503 $879.00
  Guild Guild F-1512E NAT W/C, B stock Natural G1180235 $879.20
  Guild Jumbo Junior E SP/FM ANT BLD W/B B Antique Blonde G21809257 $399.20
  Martin 000RS1 Road Series  Natural 2264999 $759.00
  Martin DSS-17  Whiskey Sunset 2272135 $1,559.00
  Taylor Builder's Edition 517e Natural 1103059119 $2,899.00
  Taylor Builder's Edition 717e Wild Honey 1103079039 $3,099.00
  Taylor GS Mini-e Ltd NAMM   2103059259 $749.00
  Yamaha APXT2 3/4 size thin-line acoustic Dark Red Burst HOZ287159 $199.99
  Yamaha APX Thinline Amber Burst Amber Burst HOZ067396 $229.99
  Yamaha FG820L Folk Guitar Solid Top - Lefty Natural HOZ240588 $329.99
  Yamaha FG850 Acoustic Guitar with Mahogany Natural HPH230637 $399.99
Electric Guitar Amplifiers        
  Mesa Boogie Fillmore 25 1x12 Combo   CT000540 $1,599.00
  Vox AC15HW1 Handwired 15W 1x12 Amp   00011077 $1,299.99
  Vox AC15 Handwired Combo - B stock   2100010951 $1,299.99
  Alexander Pedals Colour Theory   T9396 $199.99
  Alexander Pedals Radical Delay DX   RX9161 $199.99
  Alexander Pedal Sky 5000   SF9209 $199.99
  Alexander Pedals Syntax Error   SY9925 $199.99
  Electro-Harmonix Big Muff   201810236116 $80.40
  Electro-Harmonix Holy Grail Nano Reverb   201810244092 $121.10
  Electro Harmonix Memory Boy Analog Delay   201810120409 $143.00
  Electro Harmonix Micro QTron   201810245446 $89.20
  Electro-Harmonix Nano Big Muff Pi   201910106487 $80.60
  Electro Harmonix Oceans 11   201910104044 $147.80
  Electro Harmonix Op Amp Big Muff Pi   201910100785 $80.60
  Electro-Harmonix Q-Tron Plus - Envelope Purple 201810245335 $167.60
  Electro-Harmonix Silencer Noise Gate/Eff   201810237947 $57.60
  Electro-Harmonix Single Expression   201810286448 $49.30
  Electro-Harmonix Tone Corset 4 knob analog compressor   201910102786 $89.50
  Idiot Box Dungeon Master   ISI12952 $129.00
  Idiot Box Han-Taun Klon Clone   ISI12950 $129.00
  JHS Lucky Cat Pink   3332 $199.00
  JHS Mini Foot Fuzz V2   784 $135.00
  JHS Morning Glory V4   14722 $199.00
  JHS Spring Tank Reverb   1489 $179.00
  JHS Whitey Tighty   830 $135.00
  Keeley Darkside Modern Fuzz with Rotary   07560 $299.00
  TC Electronics Ditto Jam X2   23271811 $199.00
  Tech-21 Sansamp Bass Driver DI V2   741948 $199.00

Used Arrivals : March 25th – 31st 2019

USED: G&L Doheny – Vintage White – Serial # CLF1709143 – Our Price: $1,099.00

Inspired by the classic surf sound born in Southern California, G&L’s Doheny takes its name from the iconic beach in the heart of Orange County where Surf music pioneers honed their craft and established their legend. The Doheny takes the bolt-on neck / offset body into new sonic territory with Magnetic Field Design jazz pickups, which are more about jangle than twang. Add in Leo Fender’s finest vibrato for enhanced tuning stability and improved sustain, and you’ve got yourself a winner. This particular instrument comes in an elegantly simple Vintage White finish. Come on down to Manchester Music Mill and give it a spin today! y.

USED: Taylor 614ce w/ OHSC – Natural – Serial # 1112175048– Our Price: $2,199.00

Taylor’s maple series guitars are not like the maple guitars of yesteryear! That goes for this lovely specimen, the 614ce. The Grand Auditorium body, Venetian cutaway and satin finished neck provide the player with an ergonomically satisfying playing experience. In addition, the roasted spruce top / maple back and sides recipe, coupled with Taylor’s customized finish and bracing, produces a guitar with a smooth top end and lower end warmth. What is particularly impressive about the 614ce is how well it projects, even with a light playing touch. Taylor’s Expression System 2 pickup rounds out this versatile package. While Taylor’s 614ce is a high-performance fingerstyle guitar, it also excels as an accompaniment instrument for the singer / songwriter. Comes with the original Taylor hardshell case.


Category Make & Model Color Serial Our Price
Electric Guitars        
  Aria Pro II Johnny Smith w/ HSC Sunburst S5085071 $549.00
  Fender Jazzmaster - Rosewood Neck w/ OHSC Shell Pink LEO5288 $1,299.00
  G&L Doheny (Jazzmaster Style Solidbody) w/ HSC Vintage White CLF1709143 $1,099.00
  Gibson ES-335 TDC '63 VOS w/ OHSC Trans Red 61488 $3,499.00
  Harmony Bobcat Tobacco Sunburst ISI12933 $399.00
  Harmony Rocket Redburst ISI12930 $599.00
  Jackson RRI Pro V White ISI1600319 $499.00
  PRS SE Custom 22 w/ Bag Amberburst R00521 $549.00
Bass Guitars        
  Danelectro '90s MIK DC Bass Black 019901200 $329.00
  Fender '66 Reissue Mustang Bass CIM Vintage White P095300 $799.00
  Fender Highway Jazz Bass Trans Red Z3058345 $449.00
  Peavey T-40 FL Fretless w/ HSC Sunburst 01540974 $699.00
  Stagg Fretless  Black 070410200249 $329.00
  Sterling Stingray 5-String Butterscotch SR35346 $349.99
  Warwick Rockbass Streamer STD 5-String Trans Red RBE53810115 $329.00
Acoustic Guitars        
  AMSA Hawaiian Slide Guitar Sunburst ISI12928 $199.00
  Brad Nickerson Custom Small Jumbo Natural 892 $1,799.00
  Gibson 1961 LG0 Natural 505585 $799.00
  Martin 1989 J-40M w/ OHSC Natural 495286 $2,499.00
  Taylor 214ce DLX - Lefty Black 2103287412 $1,039.00
  Taylor 614ce w/ OHSC Natural 1112175048 $2,199.00
  Teton Dreadnaught Natural E15040993 $299.00
Electric Guitar Amplifiers        
  Blackstar HT Club 40 LE Vintage Pro Combo Oxblood 140320UBB148 $499.00
  Egnater Renegade Head w/ Footswitch Black & Cream RNGH04101274 $449.00
  Krank Revolution 1 Head Black RH01571 $499.00
  Mesa Mark III Head w/ Cover Black 21142 $999.00
  Orange Crush 35LDX Orange 031260812 $199.00
  Sound City Concord 40W Combo Black 2758 $549.00
Bass Amplifiers        
  Fender Bronco 40 Black CMTG11300477 $129.00
  Arion MDS-1 Distortion   267627 $39.99
  Arion MTE-1 Tubulator   262727 $49.99
  Arion SAD-3 Stereo Delay   234356 $59.99
  Arion SCO-1 Compressor   249638 $39.99
  Fender Pugilist Distortion   CHNL17003475 $59.00
  Lovepedal Deluxe Drive   ISI12859 $79.99
  One Control 1 Loop Box   ISI12755 $29.99
  Rocktron Tsunami   000502577 $39.99
  Visual Sound H2O Liquid Chorus & Echo   ISI12833 $79.00