New Gear This Week


New Inventory : November 18th – 24th 2019

Hello, everyone! Here is Manchester Music Mill’s list of new and used inventory that we received over the past week. We think you’ll be surprised at all the great stuff that we’ve taken in.

If you’d like to reserve anything you see or require pictures or details of a particular item that catches your fancy, please feel free to contact our Customer Service Manager, Tom Harlan, by phone (603-623-8022) or e-mail ( Trades, layaways, payment plans, financing, etc. – We’re happy to work with you!

Here are a few particular items to check out:

NEW:   Beetronics OtcaHive –Serial # OH714 – Our Price: $230.00 - The Beetronix OctaHive is a super-high-gain fuzz with a well-pronounced high-pitch octave. The octave can be turned off by the toggle switch, turning it into a warmer and thicker fuzz pedal. The best way to achieve a well pronounced octave sound is by rolling off on the Pre gain and tone control on your instrument. The balance between Pre and Honey is the key to achieve a variety of sounds. On the octave mode, things can get really nasty, splashy and gated. It's great for high-gain leads, especially when played above the 12th fret. With a little less Honey you can get that "purple haze" tone, and at low gain settings it can produce "ring modulator" overtones. With the octave off, the OctaHive a whole different pedal, producing a warmer and thicker fuzz tone, making it more versatile and "chord friendly." Come on down to Manchester Music Mill today and give this amazing pedal a try today!

 NEW:   Taylor E14ce – Ebony / Sitka – Serial # 1108068119 – Our Price: $2,999.00 - A very rare and limited edition from Taylor, the E14ce features a gorgeous striped ebony back and sides. This guitar also includes Taylor's patented V-Class bracing, which not only enhances sustain and volume, but also changes the soundboard movement in a way that improves the guitar’s natural intonation. The result is more power in the upper register and more harmonic agreement between all fretted notes, which helps chord voicings sing like never before.

 Come on down to Manchester Music Mill today and give it a try!

Category Make & Model Color Serial # Our Price
Electric Guitars      
  Charvel PM DK24 HH 2PT CARM MPL - Matte   MC1910153 $949.99
  Fender LTD Daybreak Telecaster RW   JD19011012 $899.99
  Fender Robert Cray Signature Stratocaster w/Bag 3-Tone Sunburst MX19071580 $924.99
  Reverend Reeves Gabrels Signature Orange   38165 $1,199.00
  Squier CV '50s Stratocaster MN 2TS 2-Tone Sunburst ISS195641 $549.99
  Squier CV '50s Stratocaster MN BLK Black ISS195677 $549.99
  Squier Contemporary Active Starcaster MN   ISS197449 $399.99
  Squier PK Stratocaster BLK GB 10G 120V Black ICS19283767 $219.99
Bass Guitars        
  Fender Player P-Bass PF Capri   MX19161363 $674.99
  MG Bass Desert Buckeye Burl Sweetbass 5   ISI15287 $3,590.00
  MG Bass Desert Buckeye Burl 5 String Ele   ISI15292 $3,590.00
  MG Bass Desert Custom 4 Electric Bass   ISI15291 $2,490.00
  MG Bass Desert Spalted 5 String Electric   ISI15288 $2,990.00
  MG Bass JB1 Rustic Burl 4 String Electri   ISI15293 $2,890.00
  MG Bass MG-Fretless 5 String Electric Ba   ISI15289 $2,340.00
Acoustic Guitars        
  Cordoba C5-CET Ltd   1909083 $479.00
  Fender Acoustasonic Telecaster GL w/ Case EB Koa US197008 $3,999.99
  Fender CD-60S Dread, All-Mah WN   WC19091119 $199.99
  Martin 2018 00-28 w/cs Natural 2339292 $3,099.00
  Martin 000-12E,FG - Sitka/Koa Veneer w/ Soft Case   2329128 $1,249.00
  Taylor 114ce Grand Auditorium w/ Bag Natural 2110219443 $899.00
  Taylor 214CE Sunburst Deluxe   2109309472 $1,279.20
  Taylor 214ce Dlx LTD Fall 2019, Layered   2110289027 $1,499.00
  Taylor 312ce V-class 12 fret   1108089084 $2,149.00
  Taylor 712ce V-class 12 fret   1107319108 $3,149.00
  Taylor Builders Edition K14ce   1109239121 $4,999.00
  Taylor E14ce, Ebony/Sitka   1108068119 $2,999.00
  Taylor GS Mini   2106259287 $499.00
  Taylor GS Mini Mahogany Mahogany 2109239104 $499.00
  Taylor GS Mini Mahogany Left Handed Mahogany 2111019131 $529.00
Guitar Amplifiers        
  Boss Katana 100 2x12 MK II   Z5K0866 $699.99
  Blackstar 10W Combo Amplifier   UBG190713071 $549.99
  Blackstar Super Fly, 12W Portable Amp, B   UZG190104201 $229.99
  Marshall 20W all-valve Plexi head   MX3800472 $1,299.99
  Orange Micro Terror   75100-0419 $149.00
  Orange PPC108 1x8 Cab Orange 51873-0719 $99.00
  Supro 1696RT Black Magick Reverb Combo   00796 $1,499.00
  Supro Blues King 8   CR190710089 $299.00
  Supro Blues King 12   CR190331375 $599.00
Bass Amplifiers      
  Orange Crush 25 watt Bass Combo   12091-0719 $199.00
Acoustic Amplifiers    
  Fishman Loudbox Artist + BT, US 120V   A103241 $649.95
  Beetronics Buzzter   BZ314 $179.00
  Beetronics Octahive   OH714 $230.00
  Beetronics Overhive   OV572 $230.00
  Beetronics Royal Jelly   RJ862 $289.00
  Beetronics Swarm   SW721 $249.00
  Beetronics Whoctahell   WH455 $230.00
  Chase Bliss Dark World   02747 $349.00
  Chase Bliss Gravitas   02437 $299.00
  Chase Bliss Mood   02606 $349.00
  Chase Bliss Thermae   01675 $499.00
  Chase Bliss Tonal Recall, Red Knob   04307 $499.00
  Chase Bliss Warped Vinyl   02091 $349.00
  Darkglass Microtubes B3K V2   OO08AY145 $199.99
  Electro-Harmonix Neo Clone   201910255858 $73.40
  JHS Colour Box V2   19253886 $399.00
  Line 6 FBV Express   21X110P57170038 $39.00
  Mooer Funky Monkey - Digital auto wah pedal   1808831 $78.00
  Mooer Noise Killer - Micro noise reduction   1830422 $68.00
  Mooer Reecho - Digital delay pedal White 1804996 $78.00
  Nobels ODR-Mini Green - Natural Overdrive   ISI15262 $79.00
  Old Blood Noise Minim   6 $229.00
  Old Blood Noise Black Fountain Oil Can Delay   2112 $199.00
  Old Blood Noise Expression Slider   502 $39.00
  Old Blood Noise Dark Star Pad Reverb   3945 $199.00
  Old Blood Noise MAW   144 $279.00
  Orange FS-2 Dual Function Footswitch     $46.95
  Source Audio Mercury Flanger   3318030303823 $149.00
  Source Audio Lunar Phaser   4318030316183 $149.00
  Source Audio Gemini Chorus   3318030303663 $149.00
  Source Audio One Series Vertigo Tremolo   3318030305243 $149.00
  Source Audio Kingmaker Fuzz   5118030341243 $149.00
  Source Audio Spectrum   3318030305323 $199.00
  Source Audio One Series Collider Stereo   2319040381063 $349.00
  Xotic BB Preamp   BBP-36193 $168.00
  Xotic EP Booster   EPB-103855 $116.00
  Xotic EP Booster   EPB-103856 $116.00
  Xotic RC Booster V2   RCB-V2-07824 $168.00
  Xotic SL Drive   SLD-18803 $124.00
  Xotic SP Compressor   SPC-62505 $132.00
  Xotic Super Clean Buffer   SCB-01484 $92.00
  Xotic XW-1 Wah   XW-1-12924 $236.00
  Fishman Fluence Modern Humbucker Set  Black ISI15283 $239.95

Used Arrivals : November 18th – 24th 2019

USED: Carr Skylark 12-Watt Combo – Black Gator – Serial # 0382 – Our Price: $1,699.00 A brilliantly versatile small amplifier, Carr’s Skylark is their take on the classic home / student American amplifiers from the 1960s. Reverb, a built in power attenuator, Hi / Low gain switch and an extended range Presence control offer players an incredible pallet of tones. This truly is the ultimate low-power American inspired combo … Come check it out while it lasts!

USED:  Xotic AC+ w/ Original Box – White – Serial # 5814 – Our Price: $129.00 Featuring dual independent channels, switchable channel stacks and a three-band EQ, the Xotic AC Plus is a highly tweakable boost and overdrive combo. Able to retain the quality of a signal path while taking players from a clean boost to searing lead, this effect is an excellent choice for the blues or rock guitarist. Come on down to Manchester Music Mill today and check this wonderful pedal out while it lasts.

Category Make & Model Color Serial Our Price
Electric Guitars        
  Epiphone Dot Deluxe Vintage Sunburst 11061500221 $449.00
  Epiphone Les Paul Standard Amber Burst 11091505958 $349.00
  EVH Striped Series Yellow & Black Stripes EVH1801146 $649.00
  EVH Wolfgang Special Candy Apple Red WG187752M $699.00
  Guild Starfire II ST w/ OHSC Natural KSG1703209 $599.00
  Music Man Axis Super Sport w/ OHSC Red Burst G73508 $1,299.00
  Reverend Sensei RA Translucent Red 30492 $699.00
Bass Guitars        
  Carvin JB4 Fretless w/ OHSC Aquaburst 84611 $599.00
  Ibanez SR-405 5-String Bass Metallic Indigo C7097662 $229.00
  Moridira Hurricane EXB-3 Bass Gray E615706 $199.00
Acoustic Guitars        
  Martin D-35 w/ OHSC Natural 1692052 $1,799.00
  Martin D Special - Ovangkol w/ OHSC Natural 2205096 $999.00
  Martin JG-16 RE w/ HSC Natural 1337687 $1,299.00
  Taylor 214ce-BLK Dlx, Used Black 2109269508 $1,039.00
  Taylor GS Mini E Koa w/Bag, Used Koa 2110239012 $719.00
  Yamaha FG-300 w/ OHSC Natural 11130368 $799.00
Guitar Amplifiers        
  Carr Skylark 12-Watt Combo w/ built-in Attenuator Black Gator 0382 $1,699.00
  Dr. Z Maz Senior 38 Head Black IM5371 $999.00
  Dr. Z 1x12 Cabinet w/ Cover Black ISI15018 $379.00
  Epiphone 1962 Pathfinder Combo Gray 131556 $499.00
  Fender Blues DeVille 4x10 Combo Tweed B245408 $549.00
  Fender Champion 100 Black CGPC18006451 $229.00
  Keeley 30ms Double Tracker Red ISI15043 $129.00
  Xotic AC+ w/ Original Box White 5814 $129.00