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BMF 7th Syzmenzab Fuzz / Octave Pedal

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The 7th Syzmenzab (or ‘Zab as its followers like to refer to it) is a dual-purpose sound machine which can be employed as a fuzz/octave pedal or as a stand-alone fuzz. Fueled by transistors specially selected for “BMF House Blend”-style warmth, clarity and tighter low end, the left side of the ‘Zab could be your newest fuzzy friend all on its own. Kick in the octave (right side) and things get wild in the best of ways, with a voice inspired by the classic octave pedal and modern tweaks to make it more usable in a variety of settings. Three knobs allow for a wide range of tunability: Volume controls the ‘Zab’s overall output; Body is the keeper of the gate between your guitar and the ‘Zab, controlling the amount of pre-gain you’re hitting the beast with; and Intensity controls the amount of fuzz (dial it back for a stronger octave effect - all the way down to the 3rd fret). The result is a unique and versatile pedal that responds big time to pickup selection, input volume, and picking dynamics. By working the knobs, the ‘Zab spans the gamut from liquid spatters of tie-dyed sitar to the purplest of hazes!

As with all BMF Effects pedals, the 7th Syzmenzab pedal features true bypass switching and a DC jack.

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