Mesa Boogie Subway D-350 Class D Bass Amp

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  • Mesa Boogie Subway D-350 Class D Bass Amp
  • Mesa Boogie Subway D-350 Class D Bass Amp
  • Mesa Boogie Subway D-350 Class D Bass Amp
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Presenting the all new Mesa Boogie Subway D-350, the latest in the famed lineup of Subway Series Compact Class-D bass amplifier heads.

The Mesa Subway D-350 is the ultra-compact champ in MESA’s Subway Bass Series and, at only 3 pounds, represents the smallest, lightest bass amp in MESA history!

While ultra-portable, it still packs a powerful punch with 350 watts of Class D power All from a simple, intuitive feature set that provides all the tone-shaping tools you need and nothing you don’t to deliver the tone, feel, and response that has made the Subway Series Mesa's most popular bass amps to date.

Legendary MESA Heritage
Building on the foundation laid by their acclaimed Subway® D-800™, the Subway D 350 uses a solid-state preamp coupled with a lightweight Class D power amp and switch-mode power supply to deliver heaping portions of world-class TONE in an incredibly small and lightweight package that’s perfect for home use and studio recording while still delivering plenty of power and punch to provide MESA-quality tone authoritatively and dependably for small and mid-sized venues, gig after gig.

All the Features You Need, Without Complexity
The MESA Subway D-350 easily adapts for use with active or passive basses with the flip of the Active/Passive switch, while the Input Mute switch lets you use inline tuners silently. The Bright switch adds bite and sparkle to the tone and opens up the top end a bit more, and all the switches have LED status indicators. Separate Gain and Master Volume controls allow you to dial up a wide range of tones from shimmering clean to mild overdrive and everything in between, while the built-in fixed
high-pass filter (HPF) blocks unwanted, non-musical, headroom-robbing sub-sonic frequencies.

The Variable Voicing control adjusts the amp’s response from a flatter curve to a more vintage curve by modifying and varying levels and frequency response in multiple regions with the turn of a single knob. The fully active 4-band Baxandall EQ features fixed frequency high and low-frequency shelving controls, as well as fixed frequency Low Mid and High Mid peak/dip bands for even more tonal control.

Outputs for One and All
When you’re practicing at home, the Aux Input and Headphones output jacks let you listen to a media player and your bass simultaneously without disturbing others. The Subway D-350 also has a USB power port for powering accessories, while the fully featured balanced XLR direct output (DI) with pre/post EQ source, ground lift, and Mic/Line level switches are perfect for delivering MESA’s legendary tone to the
front-of-house PA or your recording system’s audio interface.

A pair of speakON™ jacks allow you to connect one or two speaker cabinets; the Subway D-350 is an excellent partner for MESA’s highly musical Subway® Ultra-Lite cabinets.

With its ideal combination of small size, light weight, ample power, and stellar tonal flexibility, the Subway D-350 is perfect for recording sessions, small to mid-sized venues, or as a micro-sized backup amp on tour.

Made in Petaluma, CA, with the world’s finest materials
At 3 pounds, it’s the lightest MESA bass amp ever built
Class D Power with 175 W RMS into 8 ohms, and 350 W RMS into 4 ohms
Pro tone-shaping features, yet simple, intuitive operation
Great for home use, recording sessions, and small to mid-sized venues
Compact size (3” x 9” x 8.25”) that fits into your gig bag’s accessory compartment
500mA USB power port for powering accessories
Headphone output for silent practice – no cabinet load needed
XLR direct output (DI) with mic/line level, ground lift, and pre/post EQ switches
Silent operation – no cooling fan!
Gig Bag included

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